Use Cases


Your toughest processes.

Lots of paper forms. Complex, multi-step processes. Growing customer demands. Efficiency in your world – and in your customers’ world – is incredibly important. But core administrative processes in insurance and healthcare have become incredibly time-consuming and ridden with legacy tech. As pressure to minimize turnaround times and processing costs piles up, you need technology to streamline work. Accurately.

Life, Health, Retirement, P&C
and Beyond.

Hyperscience can automate:

The classification and extraction of:

  • Life insurance applications
  • Medical exam questionnaires
  • Accompanying regulatory disclosures
  • Supporting documentation

Validations to automatically move applications forward in the process

Hyperscience can automate:

The classification of and extraction from claims documents such as:

  • ACORD Forms
  • CMS 1500 and 1450s/UB-04 Forms
  • ADA Dental Claim Forms
  • Supporting documentation

Validations to automatically approve or NIGO a claim

  • Routing for manual interventions to the right team

Hyperscience can automate:

  • Account opening applications for annuities and individual retirement accounts
  • Forwarding data to systems of record or any other key stakeholders
“The functions/skills that are required to support underwriting and case management are hard to come by. There’s a lot of competition. We need to free up our underwriters to focus on the more important skilled tasks. For this reason, we’re looking to automate the menial and mundane aspects of their job.”
- AVP Innovation Insurance at a global insurance group
Our goal is to automate every process in the organization. Request a demo with one of our experts to discover how we can help your business.