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AI-led Automation For
Insurance Claims Processing

Transform your claims process with cutting-edge AI, trained with your own data and your existing teams, empowering you to process claims smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Customer emails in their claim. The email body and any attachments are ingested into Hyperscience via an email listener.


Each document is classified into the corresponding document types e.g. claim form, travel invoice.


Required data is extracted from documents, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats.

Case Collation

New case is created, with reference to the customer’s policy number included in the email body


Apply data validation e.g. does the policy number match? Action custom business rules e.g. was the policy active when the trip was booked?

Hyperscience integrates out-of-the-box with your existing claims systems to ensure accurate, actionable data flows downstream.


Human in the Loop



With AI-Led Automation You Can

Reduce Costs

Our intuitive platform seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and systems to help increase claims throughput by up to 10x eliminating backlogs.

Mitigate Risk

Forget error-prone manual data keying or legacy OCR extraction. Our ML-based platform combines human judgment with AI to deliver over 98% accurate data from day one.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Enable Claims Examiners to spend less time on data entry and more time on work that matters, responding to customers quickly and effectively.

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QBE increases claims processing speeds by 80% with Hyperscience

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