Hyperscience Platform

The world's first
automation platform

Designed for a hyper-automated business world where every process is created and run by software. The Hyperscience input-to-outcome automation platform is fully-customizable with all the basic tasks, out-of-the-box workflows, connectors and intelligence needed to build, run and manage most business processes with ease and speed.

Modular Blocks Blocks with built-in automations are at the core of the Hyperscience Platform.

Blocks are components that can be independently developed and deployed. Each one accomplishes a single task. Assemble blocks together into a workflow that best fits your business processes with ease and speed.

Draw from a rich library of generic or industry-specific blocks.

Easily integrate with legacy systems and transform data.


Quick extraction of data regardless of inbound document type: structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Reduce average handling times to improve customer experience. Increase throughput of dedicated keying teams. Accelerate your shared services transformation.


Easily classify and separate incoming documents. Eliminate manual processes and provide immediate access to data. Reduce issues with routing documents to the wrong department due to slow, error-prone and manual document handling.


Grouping and ordering of documents to facilitate further processing or storage. Collation keeps shared context across separate documents within a transaction.


Build decision points into your workflows and manage the flow of information based on already processed data and inputs from external systems.


Data fields, context and entities are identified, validated against 3rd party data or external sources and automatically processed according to your logic.


Custom block behavior configured through code. Your company may have logic, tasks and processes that are unique to the way you run your business. Design and build custom blocks with maximum flexibility.

Enterprise GraphA proprietary model for seamlessly syncing your data with external sources.

As a machine-learning powered platform, the Hyperscience proprietary Enterprise Graph makes sense of the data flowing through your processes in much the same way a human does. This makes it easy to manage your data and merge with third-party data sources.

WorkflowsCompletely configurable industry-leading enterprise automation solutions.

Workflows are the orchestrated execution of blocks representing your business processes as a digital assembly line. Workflows are assembled to create solutions for specific use cases or industries. For example: Account opening or mortgage application processing.

SupervisionHyperscience is built to optimize the human-machine collaboration, with machine learning and human-in-the-loop built into every automation.

Control when and how your employees are looped into each process, for quality control and performance improvement. Hyperscience can train people to do the work and assess their performance. When performance drops below accepted levels, we can trigger remedial training, and only when remedial training fails, do we remove the worker from the task and assign it to a more capable resource.

human and machine collaboration

ReportingGranular visual insight into your workflows, ML models and human performance.

Understand exactly how your automations improve the customer experience, which employees are the most efficient and consistent and where your bottlenecks are. We help you gain full transparency and actionable insights for optimizing workflows, making decisions and improving performance.

IntegrationsYour technology ecosystem is complex. Hyperscience connects to systems of record and other platforms with ease.

No platform exists in a vacuum. That is why the Hyperscience Platform is built to integrate. Using plug-in APIs and out-of-the-box input and output connectors, the platform is easily integrated into any workflow.

Folder / Email / Message queues: Amazon SQS, IBM MQ, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ / Web service / HTTP call / UiPath / FileNet / Blue Prism /

The Hyperscience Software-Defined, Input-to-Outcome platform will be available later in2021