Hyperscience Platform

The Hyperscience Platform intelligently plugs into your document processes with out-of-the-box and customizable tasks, workflows, and connectors. Powered by industry-leading Machine Learning, the Hyperscience Platform takes you from input to actionable data with ease.

Document ProcessingPowerful and flexible enough to automate any type of document process from input to actionable data.

Hyperscience provides the best Machine Learning performance on the market to support data extraction from complex documents. Our Platform is powered by industry-leading ML for scalable, enterprise-wide automation, not a generic template-based approach.

Convert your unstructured text into actionable data that can be used to drive faster, more reliable downstream processing.

Set your desired target accuracy rates and our machine automates against that using our proprietary ML.

Flow StudioPre-built or easily configurable enterprise automation solutions for your document-heavy processes.

Flows, the orchestrated execution of Blocks representing your business processes, are assembled to create end-to-end solutions for specific use cases or industries, such as health insurance claims processing, auto claims processing, mortgage origination or account opening processes.

All Flows are visualized in Hyperscience’s Flow Studio, where business users can easily view and modify Flow and Block settings for end-to-end document processing solutions.

The Hyperscience Platform: Flow Studio

Code BlocksBlocks are at the core of the Hyperscience Platform. With built-in Machine Learning, they enable you to build the document processing solution that’s best for your customers.

Blocks are components that can be independently developed and deployed by business users. Our Platform combines best-in-class intelligent document processing with the customization required for you to win and ensure competitive differentiation. To this end, we created modular Code Blocks in addition to our out-of-the-box document processing Blocks, so that you can assemble the workflows and processes that best fit your document processing needs with ease and speed.

ConnectivityHyperscience integrates with your document processes and workflow systems to provide accurate, actionable data where you need it most.

Your technology ecosystem is complex. The Hyperscience Platform easily connects to systems of record and other platforms to confirm the accuracy of your extracted data. Modify and enrich the output of your documents by automating the addition of valuable data from external systems so that humans don’t have to.

Drive greater automation and decision-making through integrations with other systems in your environment during document processing to leverage external data.

Folder / Email / Message queues: Amazon SQS, IBM MQ, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ / Web service / HTTP call / UiPath / FileNet

ReportingGranular visual insight into your operations, Machine Learning models, and human performance.

Transparency and visibility into how your business performs is core to the Hyperscience Platform. With built-in, real-time reporting, you can understand exactly how your automation improves the customer experience, which employees are the most efficient and consistent, and locate bottlenecks in your document processing. Gain actionable insights for optimizing workflows, making decisions, and improving performance.

SupervisionHyperscience builds human-in-the-loop into every automation.

What sets Hyperscience apart is our state-of-the-art AI combined with proprietary human-in-the-loop technology. We’re exceptionally good at knowing when we’re likely to be right, as well as when we’re likely to be wrong, bringing in your organization’s data entry teams to review and resolve edge cases. This, in turn, finetunes the underlying models, driving lower error rates and higher automation. Hyperscience equips humans with a streamlined task queue and easy-to-use interface designed to empower your teams, not slow them down.

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  • How to classify and extract data across complex, difficult-to-read documents, including handwritten forms, PDFs, images, emails and more.
  • How the Hyperscience Platform intelligently plugs into your document processes with out-of-the-box and customizable tasks, workflows, and connectors.
  • Plus live expert Q&A to answer any questions you have!
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