Evaluation Worksheet: Automated Document Processing Solutions

Use this worksheet to find the right automated document processing solution for your business needs. 

key learnings


Outline major criteria for document processing solutions 


Visualize the differences between each vendor 


Find the best document processing software

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In this Automated Document Processing Solutions Worksheet, evaluating several technology vendors is made easy by allowing you to match your business goals to the capabilities of each vendor. 


Adoption of automation products in general, and [Intelligent Document Processing] products specifically, will intensify considerably…Post-COVID-19, industries will seek to accelerate low-touch processing and faster turnaround times through automated extraction of data.” – Leading analyst and research firm, Everest Group


As the world becomes more digitized and leading enterprises look to modernize their critical operations, the need for reliable process automation solutions becomes increasingly important. But with various solutions in the market, the question remains: how do you find the best solution to meet your business needs? 


In this customizable Automated Document Processing Solutions Evaluation Worksheet, we provide a framework for you to evaluate process automation solutions side-by-side in one place. Select the vendors you’re considering, evaluate them according to major criteria, and help determine the right automated document processing solution to meet your business priorities.


Enterprises are competing to deliver high quality customer experience while reducing costs and risks, but finding a flexible, scalable automated document processing solution for your organization can be challenging. In a saturated market of Robotic Process Automation [RPA], Optical Character Recognition [OCR] and Intelligent Document Processing [IDP] technologies, it’s important to decipher which one is providing the most value for your organization. 


For some companies, having built-in reporting or enterprise-grade user permissions may be a high priority. Does the tool offer the ability to easily report on accuracy, errors, throughput and usage of machine and human operators?


For others, platform ease-of-use may be the biggest requirement, as organizations may not have a full team of developers on hand to execute changes. Is the solution built with non-technical users in mind? Are business users able to set accuracy thresholds and manage different roles within the tool?


Some of the assessment criteria used in this evaluation worksheet include automatic classification and extraction performance across diverse document types, throughput increase potential, overall ease-of-use, particularly for data keyers, as well as enterprise capabilities, reporting and permissions.   


Download this worksheet to evaluate which automated document processing solution is the right fit for your business.