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Vladimir Tzankov

Vlad co-founded Hyperscience in 2014 together with Peter Brodsky and Krasimir Marinov.

Prior to founding Hyperscience, he led Research & Development at Instinctiv, a start-up providing music recommendations and audio content identification services that was acquired by SoundCloud in 2012. He has led R&D projects across diverse industries including energy, surveillance, military and advertising.

Vlad holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Sofia University (Bulgaria). He lives in Sofia and enjoys all “troubles” caused by his two kids. Vlad is also an eager volleyball player and amateur woodworker.

My favorite Hyperscience value is 'Imaginative ideas from everyone.' I believe imaginative ideas are driving the progress in the world we live in. The more we encourage our people to think differently and bring from their own unique selves into the process, the more our company will benefit from it.