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While most automation initiatives work for simple, rule-based processes, many lack the intelligence and flexibility to uncover the 80% of trapped data in documents.
Structured formats (e.g. tax or claim forms) follow a standard layout.
of enterprise data is trapped below the surface
Unstructured formats (e.g. checks, invoices or bank statements) have an inconsistent layout, which makes it increasingly difficult to extract and action data.
The volume of
unstructured data
is increasing by
35% year-over-year.

The Hyperscience Platform

The most flexible intelligent automation platform for both document processing and post-extraction management.

Improve Customer

Increase Revenue Growth

Reduce Costs

Bring any document to Hyperscience and accelerate your digital transformation

Any Document,
Any Data

The Hyperscience Platform excels at automating data entry, ensuring that ML carries between different document types and seamlessly looping in humans when needed. Whether you are processing a structured, unstructured, or handwritten document, you can ensure downstream data is accurate and actionable while limiting exceptions.

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One Investment, Endless Improvements

Our proprietary ML models deliver significant and constantly increasing levels of process automation, while providing downstream systems with accurate, complete and timely data. Now, all the capabilities of the Hyperscience Platform are available in the cloud for even faster time-to-value and limitless scalability.

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Our product roadmaps are created and guided by a user-centric approach to intelligent automation. The result is an intuitive UI that enables you to quickly set up and deploy the Platform, with low administrative overheads, resulting in immediate ROI without the need to invest in technical teams.

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Pre-Built & Custom Business Flows

Hyperscience allows for flexibility in your current tech stack by allowing you to integrate any existing tools to the platform. With the platform's ease of use, you can get the most ROI out of your automation toolbox without the need to retrain or restructure your organization.

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Our experts will walk you through:

  • How to classify and extract data across complex, difficult-to-read documents, including handwritten forms, PDFs, images, emails and more.
  • How the Hyperscience Platform intelligently plugs into your document processes with out-of-the-box and customizable tasks, workflows, and connectors.
  • Plus live expert Q&A to answer any questions you have!
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