Delivering Document Processing & Data Enrichment Capabilities to Box Users

Unlock valuable, business-critical insights from your documents at scale with greater accuracy, so you can deliver better outcomes for your customers when you combine the Hyperscience Platform with Box.

How It Works

  • Hyperscience ‘Box Folder Listener’ input block monitors source folder(s) in Box
  • The input block automatically retrieves document(s) from Box folder
  • Hyperscience automates the receipt, classification, and extraction of diverse business process-related documents and other unstructured content into actionable data
  • Hyperscience Box Notifier output block allows for custom mapping of machine-readable extracted data to specific Box metadata templates
  • The improved metadata based searches within Box reduces the user’s time spent searching for the right document
  • Paired with Hyperscience’s API and database validation blocks, you can run external data validation of extracted information

By eliminating the manual error-prone handling of documents and data entry with Hyperscience, Box users can concentrate on high-value work and completing their work faster, with greater accuracy. Hyperscience also enables Box customers to automatically enrich documents’ metadata within Box to improve search and make the most of their stored content.

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