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Catching Up with John Lee

By: Hyperscience
Published: December 19, 2019

At Hyperscience, we believe in the power of automation to transform the ways in which organizations operate and meet the needs of their evolving customers and constituents. We move fast. We challenge the world around us and each other, and we are growing quickly across our New York, Bulgaria and UK offices. With dozens of current openings across all departments heading into 2020, we caught up with John Lee, Talent Acquisition Lead on our People team, about all things #LifeatHyperscience.

Who are you and what do you do at Hyperscience?
My role is to be an ambassador for our employer brand and attract the right people for the right role to come work at our company. We have a bold, ambitious mission and goals for our organization, and I help find and attract people who may want to build something special with us. On a typical day this can include having introductory conversations or interviews with candidates, building interview processes, training interviewers, drafting job descriptions, and making offers to candidates.

Why did you decide to join Hyperscience?
Being in recruiting, I’ve seen that people make career decisions for a lot of different reasons – industry, location, leadership, perks, etc. For me, it came down to people and the quality of the team here at Hyperscience. I left my interviews very impressed by how intelligent everyone was, but also more importantly, how empathetic folks are as well. At the time I was interviewing with a few places, all varying in size. I interviewed with Hyperscience on a Friday, had the offer by Saturday, canceled the rest of my interviews by Monday and I haven’t looked back since!

What’s your favorite part about working at Hyperscience?
Is it redundant to say the people?

What challenges are you and your team solving for?
We’re growing quickly across our New York, London and Sofia offices and across departments. In the last quarter, we added over 30 new people to the team. Each city has their own challenge in attracting talent, and how we stand out and differentiate ourselves is an on-going challenge that I’m excited to help solve for. At the end of the day, my view is the biggest attractor of people is people. Because of the pace, one of the most important questions I ask our hiring team is “How will we set this person up for success? What is their growth trajectory?” If we can’t answer that question, we shouldn’t give ourselves the green light to hire.

What recent accomplishment are you most proud of?
I’m really proud of how compassionate and humane our practices and policies are. I tell people I haven’t seen benefits and policies as generous as the ones found at Hyperscience. I think between our founders and executive team, there’s a strong belief to take care of the people. Our benefits – and flexibility – are unmatched. This will sound cheesy, but I’m also proud of the people we’ve hired. Like any high-growth company, there are tons of challenges to solve, such as how to track employee engagement or ensure learning & development, and seeing us solve them in real-time is fun to witness.

Fill in the blank: You would fit really well on this team if…
You are genuinely curious, eager to grow, and strongly believe in human agency.

Who are you outside of Hyperscience?
I am a dog parent, Queens local, NJ native, and avid sports fan (MMA, NBA, NFL).

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