Speed Up Case Management Processes at Scale with Hyperscience and Bizagi

Free resources to concentrate on high-value, customer-centric work when you combine the Hyperscience Platform with Bizagi to speed and automate case management processes. 

How It Works

  • Bizagi user selects which process to use for the case 
  • Bizagi user completes all process steps required within Bizagi
  • Bizagi sends human-readable case information to Hyperscience 
  • Hyperscience processes the case, keeping all documents together for that case 
  • Hyperscience extends Bizagi processes by automating the receipt, classification, and extraction of diverse business process-related documents and other unstructured content into actionable data
  • Hyperscience sends the machine-readable case information back to Bizagi
  • Bizagi completes downstream processes such as running business rules, integrating the data with your ERP, sending notifications, and more
  • All input and output of customer forms, documents, and data are handled seamlessly via our connector

By eliminating the manual error-prone handling of documents and data entry with Hyperscience, Bizagi customers are enabled to forge enterprise-wide digital transformation with the powerful combination of artificial intelligence, digital process automation, and integrations with RPA platforms. 

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