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Involve humans only when necessary Set your automation up for success Get visibility into human & machine performance

Hyperscience is the fastest growing Abbyy FlexiCapture alternative

Involve humans only when necessary

[Read outside the box when your customers are sloppy with their forms]

[Extract data despite skewed, low-quality images and messy handwriting]

[Extract only the relevant content to you, not field names]

Set your automation up for success

[Set your level of accuracy and let the machine do the rest]

[Minimize human involvement with our proprietary ML that knows when it’s right or needs a human in the loop]

[Reach an unprecedented 99.5% accuracy with over 90% automation]

Get visibility into human & machine performance

[Get reports on machine and human accuracy and errors]

[Track how well you measuring up against your SLAs]

[Know the machine’s STP rates at any time]

Reach unprecedented
99.5% accuracy and >90% automation






Hyperscience ingests a wide variety of document types from multiple sources, including email inboxes or leading RPA providers, easily integrating into your existing workflows. Hyperscience then uses its proprietary visual page classifier technology to automatically match documents to the corresponding layout within your environment, a layout which is only uploaded once – and in minutes.

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Hyperscience extracts handwritten, machine printed and cursive text with greater automation than any other solution available in the market. The machine is exceptionally good at knowing when it’s likely to be right, as well as when it’s likely to be wrong, sending edge cases to human “supervisors” to review and resolve. If the machine is not confident in its extraction meeting or exceeding your minimum accuracy levels, it will loop in a human through its user friendly interface to review the extraction and correct any errors.

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All the while, in the background, the machine is training itself to improve its ability to set confidence scores. This means that it gets better at knowing when it’s likely to be right and when it’s likely to be wrong, resulting in less human involvement and greater automation performance over time. Additionally, it improves its extraction ability by asking the “supervisor” to review a very small subset of extracted fields for accuracy as a way to QA its extraction.

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Once the machine is confident in its extraction and any corrections have been made by the human “supervisor,” the submission is completed and packaged in JSON format. Now, your next system has the data it needs in a format it can consume for faster, more reliable downstream processing!

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What is Abbyy FlexiCapture and how does it compare to Hyperscience?

Abbyy vs Hyperscience

ABBYY is a software company that provides a portfolio of content services. Its proprietary OCR engine, called FineReader, works alongside its FlexiCapture product to capture data from documents. Hyperscience differs from legacy providers, like ABBYY, in many ways when it comes to document processing and automation. Hyperscience can extract across diverse, messy documents and it doesn’t need to be told whether it’s extracting handwriting or machine text. The solution provides a highly scalable ML model that applies its learnings to all data, instead of subsets or mini models.

The Hyperscience Platform, an alternative to legacy OCR providers like ABBYY, is a complete document processing solution that takes a novel and proprietary approach. Our platform uses Machine Learning techniques to train our extensive neural networks in order to read messy handwriting, know the difference between what is a response and what should be “dropped out” (like a field name), and transcribe low-quality documents. Uniquely, we have built in quality assurance that allows us to be smart about when to involve humans in the process, report on performance, and much more – it’s automation done right!

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