Hyperscience Welcomes Boxplot to the Family

We’ve officially joined forces with Boxplot, a German-based startup. Together, we will enable customers with better, faster, and more accurate data outcomes.

Your data at the speed of Hyperscience.

Classify and extract data across complex, difficult-to-read documents, including 
handwritten forms, PDFs, images, emails and more. Our unique, proprietary ML software reads through document imperfections to deliver results. It's "right first time" data automation.


Minimize manual work, maximize human potential.

Data automation decreases the cost of manual entry and frees your employees to focus on higher-level work. The Hyperscience UI for data keying makes humans more efficient and effectively and intelligently prioritizes Supervision keying tasks.

Accurate data, when and where you need it.

Complete, accurate data is the critical step zero of automating any business process. Extract machine-readable data to drive faster, more reliable downstream decision-making and business outcomes.

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"documents": [
        "id": 201373,
        "state": "complete",
        "layout_uuid": "30dca16c-99a2-49b1-9265-4f9b39f0be59",
        "document_fields": [
                "id": 11079100,
                "state": "complete",
                "name": "Phone Number:",
                "data_type": "Phone Number",
                "transcription": {
                    "raw": "123 456 7890",
                    "normalized": "1234567890",
                    "source": "machine_transcription",