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Scaling Your Automation Program With Ml-powered Document Processing

According to reports, 80% to 90% of data within organizations are unstructured, and most of it is locked in scanned or printed documents. Analysts suggest that over 70% of organizations still have paper-based process dependencies, from customer applications, through contracts, to purchase orders. Even if successful in automating some of these processes away, enterprises often rely on error-prone manual processes to extract and convert the data into a usable format. This is where the need for an end-to-end document extraction, processing, and comprehension solution comes in. In this webinar, Vinay Ghule - RPA CoE Leader at Principal Financial Group, Max Lien - Head of Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development at Hyperscience, and Neeraj Nagpal - CTO at Acronotics, explore how to move from RPA centric automation program to Hyper Automation with the power of ML-powered document processing solutions.

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Key learnings


Industry trends in document processing space


How Principal Financial Group is approaching Intelligent Automation


The role of advanced technologies, such as AI and Machine Learning, in hyperautomation