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Minimize Manual Work and Improve CX

Customer experience is valued across all industries and it has the power to affect companies at all levels. For a customer, nothing is worse than an inefficient and broken experience. It has become a large factor in where customers base their loyalty. Customers expect speed and efficiency. Many industries continue to struggle with the experience they provide for their customers, specifically in those two factors. With the advancement of technology, CX should not be lacking in the way it is. Great customer experience starts in the back office. Document processing could be a first step in transforming processes. Companies should not be letting poor internal processes and outdated manual workflow be the reason they can not provide sufficient CX. In this session, Courtney Halpern, Director of Implementation at Hyperscience, talks about the value of customer experience and what companies should be thinking about moving forward when approaching CX.

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Key learnings


Why your company should be thinking about CX


The benefits of CX across multiple industries


How automation can help improve CX