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How to Reduce Inefficiencies in Healthcare with ML

The healthcare industry is massive and the growth is not going to slow down any time soon. The industry itself is built on information, billions of documents are generated and moved around every day. It is critical these documents get into the right hands at the right time. As well as, the information on the documents must be recorded and transferred as accurately as possible. Currently, the inaccuracy rate for these documents is extremely high due to the manual process of entering data. The industry sees a wide variety of documents which is why there has not been a reliable solution to date. Though there are systems that can reduce the inefficiencies doctors and healthcare professionals are seeing. With the assistance of machine learning, the healthcare industry could see vast improvements. In this session, Grant Proctor, Account Executive at Hyperscience, takes a deep dive into the healthcare industry and talks about how automation could be a part of the solution.

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Key learnings


Types of documents the healthcare industry receives and why the differences are so important


Why the legacy tech is not working anymore for the industry


How Hyperscience is solving these issues using ML