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Financial Services Case Study: Using Automation to Manage Influx of Documents

No one was prepared for the effects COVID-19 would have on the world. Many companies continue to struggle with the high demand of services being requested by their customers. In the financial services industry, they are seeing an influx in document processing requests and the legacy technology in place is not keeping up with the demand. Banks and lenders are witnessing first hand this strained process and how it is effecting their customers. Recently, a large financial service company was facing a similar issue.. With the advances in automation and machine learning, companies are leaving their legacy technologies behind and turning to faster, more efficient solutions. In this session, Patricia Diaz-Hymes, Director of Product Marketing at Hyperscience, talks about automation and how it can assist banks with the influxes they are seeing.

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Key learnings


Reasons banks and lenders are struggling to serve their customers


A case study on how automation has helped financial services companies


What an automation solution offers