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Beyond OCR: Using Intelligent Document Processing to Drive Higher Efficiency and Better Service

In a fast-changing and competitive industry, insurance companies must put customer experience at the center of their business strategy. The ability to deliver on this begins with data – the critical step zero of any business process.

Whilst many organisations have embraced digital and automation, complex processes and the ongoing need for paper artifacts (often at the control of external third parties) involves pages of documentation – policy applications, authorization forms and supporting emails, PDFs, scanned images, and more, that must be identified, classified and extracted for use in downstream systems. Taking even a few extra days – or worse, weeks – to process an insurance application, amendment or claim will result in customers opting for competitors with modern systems that can respond instantly.

Legacy technologies for data extraction, like OCR, cannot reliably identify, read and transcribe diverse layouts, text inputs and real-world degradations. They require almost pristine conditions to operate accurately  and when faced with messy handwriting, crossed out lines or text outside a bounding box, they fail. Yet, structured documents in perfect, machine typed condition are not the reality of what insurance businesses receive.

Intelligent Document Processing [IDP] can resolve these pain points while increasing efficiency and automation. IDP uses Machine Learning to look beyond these mishaps and keep improving over time; decreasing the need for human involvement and manual oversight.

Join us for an exclusive VIP dinner at the Gherkin and learn why the insurance companies who invest in IDP technology are better positioned to create a better experience for their customers while increasing revenue opportunities.

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Expand your professional network by meeting with leading insurance experts and executives
Stay on top of current document processing trends and best practices
See examples of how ML-powered automation solutions impact the insurance industry as we know it
Hear steps your organization can take today to start leveraging data locked in documents


5.00pm - Arrival - cocktails on the top floor of the building while enjoying majestic views across the city
5.30pm - 'Intelligent Automation in Insurance' - panel discussion with industry experts
6..00pm - Dinner - sky-high contemporary dining at the Searcys Helix restaurant
9.00 pm - Event End


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Searcys Helix Restaurant at the Gherkin,
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