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Healthcare & Life Sciences Process Automation

To speed time to therapy and better serve patients when they need it most, the healthcare & life sciences sector needs to automate its core, document- and data-heavy processes.

The Hyperscience Platform provides the highest levels of automation and accuracy available to streamline operations, free up valuable resources, and improve customer service.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Process Automation

Laboratory Test Requisition Forms

The Global Medical Laboratories market size is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% through 2025.

Most laboratories rely on manual processing to extract critical patient and sample information from a laboratory requisition form into a Laboratory Information System (LIS). To prevent errors, some labs have two workers key the same document, which is inefficient, costly, and resource-intensive.

The Hyperscience Platform can help your laboratory ensure samples are moving through your systems quickly and accurately. Our proprietary ML carries between different document types (even ones with poor image quality or messy handwriting), handles high document variation and, unlike other solutions, it takes context into account when extracting data, reducing the need of exception handling. You can set your desired target accuracy and the machine will automate against it, generally achieving over 80% automation with 99% accuracy on Day 1 with substantial improvements over time.

Physician Order Forms

Unpredictable request volumes can inundate already-strained employees and systems and increase billing backlogs.

Manually processing order forms for medical devices can result in clerical errors and costly billing mistakes with insurance companies or patients. Worst case, manual data entry can even result in lost revenue if an order form isn’t processed before the end of the month.

With the Hyperscience Platform, you can close your billing loop faster, increase operational efficiencies, and improve data quality. By seamlessly looping in humans only when needed, Hyperscience will evolve your workflow into a collaboration between humans and machines that ensures downstream data is accurate and actionable, while limiting exception-handling and manual intervention.

Prescription Forms

Global medicine use was predicted to exceed 4.5 trillion doses in 2020.

Patients need their medicine as soon as possible, making time to therapy incredibly important. Automating prescription forms processing can reduce costs, eliminate clerical errors, and improve customer service through faster turnaround times.

The Hyperscience Platform can extract the handwritten and machine-typed data on prescription forms and package it into a machine-readable format for use in your downstream systems – even across the messiest of documents or handwritten forms. Better yet, our proprietary ML models deliver significant and constantly increasing levels of process automation with minimal human intervention.

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