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Most government agencies are drowning in applications, permits, invoices and more. And while backlogs continue to grow, you still need to maintain an adequate level of service for your citizens and meet compliance requirements, such as NARA mandates. But when your processes are slow and paper-driven, how can you meet these expectations and requirements?

Hyperscience can help you automate your slowest, most dated processes. Starting with document processing, Hyperscience can read, classify, extract and package information from your archived or incoming documents. The platform can then support the rest of your processes with pre-built configurations, or blocks, that can execute on your data, like validation or even decisioning. The result is a solution that not only helps you be compliant with data management regulations, but also improves your ability to be responsive to your constituents and have the data you need to further analyze and pull insights from your documents. It is meaningful automation at work.

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While it’s mandatory to service citizens correctly, doing so can take time, especially when it comes to dated, paper-driven processes like invoice processing. Managing growing document backlogs while getting citizens the services they need is no small feat. The Hyperscience Platform helps you straight-through process your documents, despite messy handwriting, fax lines or other imperfections. Whether you’re dealing with mountains of invoices, applications or otherwise, Hyperscience can read those documents, extract the information you need and neatly package that information so that the content can be turned into electronic records. Our document processing solution uniquely uses Machine Learning for faster processing and more accurate extraction of data from your documents over time so that you can service citizens better and reduce backlogs.

With NARA mandates to store and transfer all records in an electronic format over the next few years, government agencies have had to take a look at document processing solutions to remain compliant. But what happens when your software and hardware is outdated, you need to be fedRAMP compliant and your team has a growing backlog of documents to digitize? The Hyperscience Platform is built to read any document on your premises – no matter the imperfection – and structure all the data you need so that it can be digitized and analyzed. How? The solution’s powerful connectors allow it to plug into your databases and then read your documents because it is trained out of the box on real-world documents. Run a compliant operation you can analyze and with documents you can pull insights from – even the stuff that lives on dated documents.

No matter the agency, application processes can be paper heavy. So when you need to digitize your records, you need technology that can read those applications and supporting documentation, know what they are, extract the information and translate it into data that can live in your systems of record for further processing and analysis. The Hyperscience Platform does just that. Our powerful document processing solution streamlines the processing of applications with minimal human intervention and even performs tasks based on that data – such as validation and decisioning – so that you can get back to your constituents faster.

"We went from 5 month turnaround times to just 2 weeks thanks to our ability to process mail faster. Our backlog has never been lighter!"
- Head of Operations, Citizen-facing agency
Our goal is to automate every process in the organization. Request a demo with one of our experts to discover how we can help your business.