Recruiting Roundup with Paolina Vladova

Hyperscience | Posted on July 7, 2021

Recruiters play a crucial role in collaborating with our Hiring Managers to add more visibility and transparency into the recruiting and hiring process. Hyperscience recruiters are responsible for finding candidates that exemplify and will live our core values and will ultimately help us achieve our business goals and make a difference for our company and customers. 

We recently spoke with Paolina Vladova, a Technical Recruiter out of Sofia, for a behind-the-scenes look at technical recruiting within Hyperscience, what prospective candidates can expect, and how we think about attracting, hiring and retaining some of the brightest minds in AI, ML, product management and software development. Check out our conversation below.

Technical Recruiter Paolina Vladova

Thanks for taking the time, Paolina! Why did you decide to join Hyperscience?

I’m a fan of hypergrowth companies. I like being able to take informed risks and help shape the team and culture. Hyperscience specifically won me over with its core values and super kind people. As a recruiter, it’s essential to relate to the company vision and values. That’s how I can build trustful relationships with candidates and bring value with what I do. 

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I like the interviewing aspect. The people I communicate with allow me to learn something new every day. 

How do you work with Hiring Managers to ensure the right fit for both the candidate and the company?  

Before kicking off any new role, the Hiring Managers and I align on search criteria, what the purpose of the role is and its overall impact on the business. We talk through logistics, such as whether they’ll work in a specific region or remote, as well as what levels we’re targeting. All of this helps us be successful in our candidate conversations.

On the candidate’s side, transparency goes a long way. I encourage candidates to openly share information so that I can help them make an informed decision on their next career move – I get invested in their journeys and career advancement, too, and I ultimately want to help them find the right role where they’ll be successful. 

When a candidate completes all interview rounds, the internal team debriefs. All interviewers sync, but the Hiring Manager makes the final decision. We have a structured approach to interviews, so it’s easy to compare and level candidates.

Can you walk us through a typical recruiting process for an engineering role?

We apply the same criteria to all applicants during each interview round, regardless of which team members they speak with. Hiring decisions are also made following a unified model across all of our locations. 

The interview process typically follows this timeline: recruiter screen, followed by a tech screen, then an on-site interview. The onsite round is when candidates get to meet with various potential teammates and collaborators to get a sense for our culture and day-to-day. It consists of two to four meetings, each with a different focus. This may include a deep tech interview, software design, team fit, or a product fit meeting. The goal is for candidates to get to know the team and get a feel for what it would be like working with us.

How long does the interview process usually take, from resume submission to offer? Who will potential candidates generally meet with? 

It could last between two to four weeks, but it really depends on candidates’ availability, as well as our team’s availability. Candidates always meet with the Hiring Manager and prospective team members they would work with. Each candidate is briefed prior to the interviews on who they are going to meet with as well as the purpose and format of the conversation. We know interviewing is an inherently nerve-wracking process, so prior to each interview round, we provide in-depth context and preparation materials to set candidates up for success.

What advice do you have for potential engineering candidates?

Think of why you’re applying to Hyperscience and envision what you want in your next role. Have a list of questions we can discuss. Alignment in expectations is at the heart of the recruiting process and usually leads to fulfilling results. 

Also, practice your coding skills! Our assessments  are focused on computer science fundamentals like algorithms, data structures and networking. There are some great tools online that you can use to prepare for a tech interview.

Speaking of, what technical skills do you ask a candidate to demonstrate during the interview process?

We generally want to dive into their experience with developing enterprise-grade software applications, developing distributed systems and working with relational as well as non-relational databases.

Personally, I also like to get a feel for the type of software they’ve worked on, problems they’ve solved and achievements they’ve found meaningful. 

You’re based in Sofia, Bulgaria. What’s your favorite part about the team & culture there?

I love how close people are to each other! There are constantly spontaneous arrangements for skiing, biking or co-working from a hut in Vitosha! The Hyperscience Culture Committee also organizes a bunch of online and outside events suitable for family, kids, and pets to participate.

Our people are really valued at Hyperscience, and we’re fortunate to have great tech leaders and engineering rock-stars at each level and team. [Editor’s Note: #ICYMI: Get to know CF, our VP of ML, and Suren, our VP of Engineering, and hear from our VP of Product about taking our platform “to infinity and beyond.]

Mentorship and growth is super important to Hyperscience. What opportunities are available to employees? What’s been your experience with this during your time at Hyperscience thus far? 

Working with some of the best engineers on the market in Bulgaria and in the world is a learning opportunity itself, not even mentioning our state-of-the-art AI technology!  We also have a year-round program to help people managers build skills around coaching and career development around the time of our development cycles.

The company provides a yearly Learning & Development stipend that can be spent according to the tailored goals everyone sets for themselves. A conference, a book, a course, or an app subscription;  it doesn’t matter, you just need to align it to your development goals. 

I love being part of a team where best practices are a standard and the bar is very high. I recently joined the People team Book Club – an internal community that discusses various topics in Human Resources & people management.

I’m excited about the path we’re continuously building as a team towards the company’s success and ambitious vision & mission. We’re shaping the future of the company, and we’re looking for smart, hardworking, kind, collaborative folks to join us! Reach out if you’re interested in learning more.

Hear From Some of Our New PDE Hires

The recruiting process was seamless from start to finish. Every Zoom meeting was flawlessly coordinated and my personal preferences were taken into account. Despite starting remotely, I immediately felt like a valued member of the team.   

Vitan Ivanov, Senior QA Engineer

My questions were answered efficiently, despite a difference in time zones. Onboarding was dynamic and valuable; I felt set for success early on.

Sushant Lokhande, QA Engineering Manager

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