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Announcing our Summer 2022 Software, ML, & Product Internship Program!

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Alongside raising $140 million, Hyperscience grew 3x in 2020 and is on pace for similar growth in 2021. As we look to execute on our ambitious mission and vision, we are thrilled to announce our very first internship program for summer 2022. Our technical internship program is geared towards students graduating in 2023 looking to gain experience at one of the fastest-growing automation start-ups, solve exciting enterprise automation challenges, and develop valuable technical and soft skills.  Participants will work-side-by-side with some of the brightest minds in software, design, and ML. The program will take place in-person in our New York and Sofia offices from June through August 2022.

The internship will have three main value drivers:

  1. Gain real-world skills and develop individual career goals with dedicated mentors.
  2. Opportunity for full-time employment post-graduation.
  3. Have fun!

Program Overview

The program will focus on the following areas:

Mentorship & Development

Interns will be matched with mentors based on experience and professional and recreational interests. The matching process will occur in May 2022. Our commitment to growing our team and fostering top-notch technical talents means we value and prioritize these relationships even after the program ends. In addition to project work and mentorship, they will learn from key members of the team through regular Knowledge Sharing sessions, Donut Chats, and Lunch & Learns.

Team Engagement 

Situated on the 88th floor of One World Trade Center, our New York office is the highest available office space in the western hemisphere. Our new Sofia office building boasts a swimming pool and gym, and is surrounded by a green oasis of parks. Get to know your teammates inside and outside of the office with game nights, happy hours, and the occasional karaoke contest. You’ll also receive an inside look at the day-to-day work of different departments with weekly, randomized virtual and in-person coffee meetings with fellow Hyperscientists. Establish connections that will help you over the course of your career.

Purposeful Projects 

Our interns will own meaningful projects that help contribute to our long-term company and project roadmap. Their assignments will offer challenging and hands-on opportunities to learn about the Hyperscience Platform while delivering real customer value.

  • Software Engineering Interns:  As a member of our Software Engineering team, you will have the opportunity to work in cross-functional squads on a variety of technical challenges, including workflow engines, system integrations, SDKs, and web applications that let our customers harness Machine Learning to drive their business processes.
  • Machine Learning Interns: As a member of our ML team, you’ll research cutting-edge techniques in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, implement them in a fast-paced AI startup environment, and ensure thеy are integrated in a reliable and scalable way to bring real value to customers. You will take full ownership of solving a real problem faced by Hyperscience’s customers, including collecting training data, researching a modelling approach.

At the conclusion of the program, interns will showcase their projects and outcomes in a presentation to the wider Hyperscience organization.

Hear From Your Future Teammates

“We are developing cutting-edge ML technologies around OCR, NLP, and beyond. If you like the challenges and want to contribute to the state-of-the-art NLP research and development, you will be surrounded by a group of talented and research-minded team members at Hyperscience.” – CF Su, VP of Machine Learning

“Engineering interns will develop skills needed to be a successful Software Engineer, including coding and infrastructure best practices, as well as collaboration tools that are common throughout the industry.  They will also have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment within a cutting-edge Engineering squad, developing real product solutions for real customers.” – Tomo Berry, Senior Engineering Manager

“ML interns will gain hands-on experience building Deep Learning models that are used at scale by Fortune 500 companies. They’ll solve real problems faced by our clients, and transition from discussing a model in an academic research paper to building a product integrated into the Hyperscience Platform.” – Romain Sauvestre, ML Engineering Manager