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Intelligent Automation For

US Public Sector

Automate the slowest, most dated document- and data-heavy processes to reduce data backlog, improve citizen response times, and drive better agency outcomes

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Reduce Data Backlog

To efficiently digitize records and keep up with variable demand, agencies need intelligent technology that can read diverse incoming documents and supporting materials, accurately classify them, extract the relevant information and translate it into structured data types that can live in systems of record for further processing and analysis.

The Hyperscience Platform can automate complex document processes from input to actionable data with minimal human intervention, improving resource allocation and speeding constituent response times.

Improve Citizen Response Times

Whether you’re dealing with vast volumes of assistance applications and permitting requests, or time-sensitive claims, invoices or tax refunds, the Hyperscience Platform can reliably read and transcribe documents, regardless of messy handwriting, fax lines or other imperfections.

Leverage state-of-the-art Machine Learning to improve throughput without sacrificing accuracy, so you can reduce backlogs, better allocate employee & agency resources, and drive better citizen experiences and agency outcomes.

Minimize Risks

Clients set their desired accuracy target and Hyperscience extracts data accordingly, automating as much of the work as possible. Organizations can expect more than 80% automation at over 98% accuracy on Day one, which increases up to 95% automation and over 99% accuracy as the machine continues to learn on an organization’s data.

Hyperscience deploys on-premise in your private cloud or physical servers, ensuring complete control over data. The application operates with standard ports and protocols, maintaining compliance, and utilizes baselined Linux VM images, enforcing existing security posture.

How Document Processing Can Streamline Government Efficiency

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Streamline the classification and extraction of diverse documents, including:

  • Individual and corporate tax documents
  • Assistance or loan applications
  • Disability benefit applications
  • Healthcare claims
  • Background check / clearance applications
  • Unemployment verification
  • Court documents
  • Census forms
  • Voter registrations

Federal Agency Automates Benefit Claims Processing with Hyperscience

The agency is saving $45 million a year and have helped more than 800 employees find greater purpose in their work

“We went from 5 month turnaround times to just 2 weeks thanks to our ability to process mail faster. Our backlog has never been lighter!”

Head of Operations, Citizen-facing agency

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