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Intelligent Automation For

UK Public Sector

Using Hyperscience, public sector organizations are unlocking critical data, reducing clerical errors, and freeing up employee time to deliver better outcomes

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Seamlessly Digitize Data

Millions of forms, applications, tax returns, and other documents are being processed by central and local government departments every year. The Hyperscience Platform is designed to automate complex document processes with minimal human intervention, improving staff resource allocation and delivering better, more informed outcomes for UK citizens.

Improve Citizen Experience

The Hyperscience Platform can deliver a 10X improvement in paperwork processing times and cost savings of up to 90% when compared with manual, staff-intensive approaches. This allows UK government departments to efficiently and accurately process incoming documentation – whatever format it is in – to better serve citizens.

Most Accurate Data

Users can set their own accuracy targets based on internal key performance indicators (KPIs) and service response rules, and the Hyperscience Platform will automate against them—bringing a human-in-the-loop to assist when unsure it will meet your prescribed accuracy level.

Over time, the machine will learn from human feedback and automation rates will increase—leading to less human intervention and greater machine processing over time.

Customer Case Study

Government agency automates benefit claims process resulting in $45 million per year in savings

Streamline document classification and data extraction across:

  • Tax forms
  • Benefit applications
  • Patient records
  • Employment histories
  • Census forms
  • Voter registrations
  • Passport / driving license applications
  • Accounts & payment processing

Guide to Streamlining UK Government Efficiency

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“The accuracy of reading freeform joined-up handwriting was close to 99%.”

Large UK Government dept automating 28 million pages per year

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