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Intelligent Automation For

Transportation & Logistics

Automate document and data-heavy processes without compromising on accuracy or customer service

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Deliver Time & Cost Savings

The volume of documents required for transportation and logistics continues to grow as tighter cross-border processes are rolled out. Automation can counter these cost and inefficiency increases while speeding up your business critical processes.

The Hyperscience Platform converts semi-structured and unstructured document formats into actionable data that can be used to drive faster, more reliable downstream processing with customized business rules.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Being able to accurately inform your customer where their goods are is critical. Plus, the faster you can get accurate invoice data to the finance department, the sooner the cash can flow into your business.

Hyperscience integrates with your business processes and workflow systems to provide data where you need it most. The Hyperscience Platform excels at automating data entry, ensuring that ML carries between different document types and seamlessly looping in humans when needed.

Our proprietary ML models deliver significant and constantly increasing levels of process automation with minimal human intervention.

Improve Operational Agility

Demand, compliance requirements, and safety protocols are constantly changing, impacting your transportation & logistics business. In the last eighteen months, unprecedented demand for essential products and no-contact deliveries drove process changes.

The Hyperscience Platform enables your business to quickly adapt workflows and upgrade processes to changing conditions. This allows your organization to focus on providing the best user and customer experience possible, even during peak periods.

Automate your critical document-centric processes including:

  • Bills of lading
  • Delivery receipts and slips
  • Commercial invoices
  • Shipping instructions
  • Waybills
  • Customs clearance documentation
  • Certificate of origin
  • Authorization exit requests
  • Remittance requests
  • Driver's notes

The Total Economic Impact™ of Hyperscience

Download the study for a full breakdown of the cost savings and benefits enabled by Hyperscience

“We're turning things off that we've had in place for 20 years now that Hyperscience is up and running. People are really pleased with what they see.”

VP, Automation, Global BPO

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