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Intelligent Automation For

Mortgage Processing

Remove friction in your operations, while making human work more impactful and effective, resulting in faster mortgage application processing for your customers

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Close Faster

Manually processing income and identity documents such as bank statements, W2s, and proof of employment is costly and inefficient. Upgrade your workflows with automation to mitigate costs and speed up processing.

The Hyperscience Platform converts semi-structured and unstructured document formats into actionable data that can be used to drive faster, more reliable downstream processing with customized business rules. Firms will be able to better leverage internal bank data and streamline the process of acquiring required customer information, allowing lenders to review applications faster.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Speed decision making times by digitizing the value chain end-to-end, enabling accurate data to be shared with your processing, underwriting, and closing teams, while freeing up your lending teams for more customer-centric activities.

The Hyperscience Platform integrates with your business processes and workflow systems to provide data where and how you need it. Hyperscience excels at automating data entry, ensuring that Machine Learning improvements carry between different document types, and seamlessly loops in humans only when needed.

Improve Operational Agility

The Hyperscience Platform enables your business to quickly adapt workflows, upgrade processes, and scale capacity on short notice without friction. This allows your organization to focus on providing the best user and customer experience possible, even during unprecedented peak periods.

Experience even faster time to value with Hyperscience’s Labor as a Service (LaaS) offering. Our team handles all model training, human-in-the-loop Supervision, and QA tasks, scaling to support your changing requirements, so you can achieve your desired accuracy and throughput levels.

Automate the processing of critical documents including:

  • Loan Applications
  • Closing Disclosures
  • Credit Reports
  • IRS Transcription Requests
  • Underwriting Transmittals
  • Mortgage Insurance Disclosures & Certificates
  • DU & GUS Findings

The Total Economic Impact™ of Hyperscience

Download the study for a full breakdown of the cost savings and benefits enabled by Hyperscience

“From when we signed the agreement to when we started to see data flow through, it was a matter of 5-6 weeks.”

Sean Van Moorleghem, Managing Director, TD Ameritrade

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