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Medicaid Claims Processing

Automate data extraction from structured and unstructured claims documents to reduce backlogs, increase data accuracy, and improve response times

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Medicare Claims Processing

Millions of Americans depend on their Medicare coverage for significant and life-saving healthcare. Despite the essentiality of this social service, volume has made it difficult for the federal government to keep up with claims.

Medicare claims processing can be expedited with the use of automation to simplify and streamline the way constituent data is extracted and enriched from UB-04 or CMS 1450 forms—leading your federal employees to experience the power of higher quality data and streamlined operations.

Medicaid Claims Processing

Over 80 million Americans are currently Medicaid members. Each one of them rely on state and local agencies to process their claims for vital medical services. A delay in claims processing could result in unwarranted financial stress or delayed treatment that individuals are rightfully covered under Medicaid to receive.

The Hyperscience Platform streamlines how state and local agencies complete Medicaid claims processing, automating the ingestion and extraction of HCFA forms and supplemental documentation and transforming it into accurate, actionable data that can speed up the time-to-reimbursement.

Eligibility & Enrollment

With eligibility requirements changing daily and enrollment volumes showing no signs of slowing down, public sector organizations are eager to simplify their complex processes to streamline their operations.

The documents required to determine Medicare and Medicaid eligibility vary from state to state and person to person. Only the Hyperscience Platform has the flexibility required to allow agencies to inject diverse, complex document formats into the process and reliably extract, verify, confirm, or enrich that data to be utilized downstream in your eligibility and enrollment workflow.

Customer Case Study

Discover how a global insurance firm is leveraging Hyperscience to reduce form processing times by as much as 70%

Automate the processing of critical documents including:

  • State driver's licenses & ID cards
  • Pay stubs
  • Tax documents
  • Medical bills
  • Benefits statements
  • Passports
  • Immigration status documents
  • Utility & service bills
  • Veteran documentation
  • Letters of proof of residence & employment

"We went from 5 month turnaround times to just 2 weeks thanks to our ability to process mail faster. Our backlog has never been lighter!"

Head of Operations, Citizen-facing agency

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