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Intelligent Automation For

Financial Services

Automate increasingly complex financial services processes to improve the accuracy and timeliness of your decisions

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See how Ameritrade is improving inbound mail processes with 98% automation and 99% accuracy

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Mortgage Pre-Processing

Lenders prioritized front office innovation as a quick win to improve customer satisfaction and mitigate revenue loss, but this left underperforming back office processes and systems untouched.

The Hyperscience Platform offers a human-centered approach to automation that provides the highest levels of automation and data accuracy to help lenders control costs, keep up with demand, and streamline back office operations, resulting in faster mortgage application processing for your customers.

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Account Opening

Currently, it can take between 20-90 days to onboard a new commercial bank client. The delay in account opening can mean $25,000 of lost revenue.

The Hyperscience Platform can speed the bank onboarding process while mitigating associated cost and risks, helping financial institutions meet regulatory standards without increasing headcount.

By switching to automation, a typical commercial bank would see around $100 million in one-time savings from automating onboarding tasks.

Account Servicing

Unpredictable influxes of new requests can inundate already overwhelmed employees and systems, extending time-to-decision.

The Hyperscience Platform quickly and accurately parses through the structured, semi-structured and unstructured document formats involved in typical account maintenance requests. Hyperscience can validate customer information against master data and confirm someone is an existing customer or that asset balances and account balances match.

Once the required information is extracted, Hyperscience can package and send it to specific teams, operating systems, or systems of record for decision-making.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Hyperscience

Download the study for a full breakdown of the cost savings and benefits enabled by Hyperscience

“From when we signed the agreement to when we started to see data flow through, it was a matter of 5-6 weeks.”

Sean Van Moorleghem, Managing Director, TD Ameritrade

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