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Intelligent Automation With
Hyperscience and Blue Prism

Enable end-to-end automation for document-centric processes by combining Hyperscience with Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce

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Expand the scope of your automation initiatives
Hyperscience’s proprietary solution begins at the document ingestion point and easily integrates into existing Blue Prism workflows to extract handwritten and machine-printed text with over 99.5% accuracy.


Increase efficiency and enable a new era of human and machine collaboration
By understanding the underlying content and context of every field, the same way a human does, the Hyperscience Platform reduces errors and rekeying efforts downstream, saving time, effort, and money.


Unlock all the value trapped in unstructured content
By combining the most accurate intelligent automation Platform with Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce, enterprises can unlock the data trapped in previously inaccessible documents, PDF, and images, and use it for better decision-making.

Available in Blue Prism Digital Exchange

How it Works

This API-based integration enables Blue Prism Digital Workforce to pass documents directly into the Hyperscience Platform for accurate classification, extraction, and validation, before sending the machine-readable output back to the Blue Prism workflow for further processing.

Human-readable documents are submitted via Blue Prism's connector


Data is sent downstream by Blue Prism Digital Workforce for processing


Human-in-the-Loop Exception Handling


Combine Human and Artificial Intelligence to Create Better Business Outcomes

The solution’s built-in quality assurance mechanism measures its own success and knows when to bring a human-in-the-loop, via an intuitive interface, to review and resolve edge cases. Over time this improves the underlying model and automation rates against your selected accuracy level to drive continuous performance improvements.