VentureBeat: Entrepreneurs say ‘faux AI’ hype hurts marketing efforts

AI might be a buzzword, generating media hype and news stories, but very few people actually understand what “AI” is. How does popular perception affect the vast array of companies building actual AI products and services? Check out what HyperScience’s CEO and Co-Founder has to say about the unique challenges with selling and marketing AI below or read the article in full here.

Turns out miseducation is a challenge not only for customers, but for company employees as well….

“Because we solve a particularly mission-critical problem, we need salespeople who are particularly good at understanding what kinds of use cases are in our sweet spot and what use cases are farther down-roadmap,” says Peter Brodsky, CEO and founder of HyperScience, a company that automates data entry for back office operations. “That’s a particularly rare kind of salesperson, and so it’s a real challenge we face on the hiring side.”

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