From Our CEO: Looking for an Exceptional Marketing Leader

You don’t have to believe in spells to believe in the magic of words. Words can make people laugh, they change people’s minds, they can inspire, they can move people. Above all, words can create exciting new realities, serving as an important bridge from the imaginary or visionary to the real. (Look no further than “We, the jury, find the defendant not guilty!”). Simply by saying something, you can make it come true. It makes sense then that stories are the primary means by which companies are built.

My co-founders and I started HyperScience with nothing: no product, no customers, no investors, no employees, no money, no office. But we had an idea, and we had a story to tell. That story created our product. It’s the reason some of the world’s largest companies and major world governments choose to buy our product, and it’s the reason why some of the most talented industry veterans have joined our organization. It’s that story, that took us out of our living rooms where we started this company and put us into the tallest skyscrapers in our cities. And that story is how we’re transforming a $60 billion dollar market by automating data entry and creating a universal machine-to-machine language.

Long before I was a CEO, I was an engineer. I’d spend my days and nights writing code — text that described my ideas, which when interpreted by a computer, came to life in the form of software. It has always made sense to me that language is every bit as powerful as code, taking something written or spoken and bringing it to life in the real world. Just as there are 10x engineers, there are 10x story tellers. If you’re a marketer who believes in the power of stories, if you’re a marketer who wants to work at a company applying cutting-edge technologies to solve problems with real human impact, if you’re a marketer who understands the importance of family and work-life symbiosis, we want to talk with you. Email me.


Copy: Peter Brodsky, Charlie Newark-French, Annie Christian, Lindsay Bu

Design: James Rivas

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