Cloud-Based Intelligent Automation As A Service

The power of Machine Learning and full functionality of the Hyperscience Platform are cloud-based for even faster time-to-value and limitless scalability.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Faster innovation and scalability

Fast & Easy Setup

Deploy our intelligent automation platform (including multiple environments) without waiting for IT infrastructure and lengthy configuration

Ongoing Upgrades

Quickly and easily adopt the latest platform updates to meet the needs of your organization

Resource Management

Ensure your data is safe, speedy, and available when you need it

24x7x365 Support

With our 99.0% Uptime SLA, you don’t have to worry about downtime. If something ever goes wrong, we’re always here to help.

Scale globally, securely

Enterprise-ready security and privacy

Our SaaS offering is built with security and trust at its core. By applying a defense-in-depth security model, all data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit, including backups. We maintain confidentiality and integrity by logically separating each customer environment with strict access controls and change management workflows. Our environment is closely monitored and has established response capabilities to mitigate security incidents. This all contributes towards our high availability and 99.0% Uptime SLA—always ensuring you can reliably execute your business objectives.  

Our SaaS offering is AICPA SOC 2 accredited.

Easy, cloud-based intelligent automation

Accurate, Automatic Document Processing on Amazon Web Services

The Hyperscience Platform on AWS makes deploying our flexible yet powerful solution easier than ever. Estimated to be available in the EU by the end of 2021.

Fast — Easy — Secure >>> Now on AWS

Deploy Intelligent Automation With Ease

With the Hyperscience Platform on AWS, organizations can gain instant access to our flexible intelligent automation platform to automate their document processes from input-to-actionable data.

Take care of your customers while we take care of the critical infrastructure management that enables you to automatically classify, extract, and enrich data from diverse documents. Keep up with your competition with immediate access to our newest updates and feature releases, consistently expanding your intelligent automation toolbox over time. With industry-leading security and privacy, the Hyperscience Platform on AWS is a seamless and modular approach to improving your business process today.

Demos are available in the following languages:

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Our experts will walk you through:

  • How to classify and extract data across complex, difficult-to-read documents, including handwritten forms, PDFs, images, emails and more.
  • How the Hyperscience Platform intelligently plugs into your document processes with out-of-the-box and customizable tasks, workflows, and connectors.
  • Plus live expert Q&A to answer any questions you have!
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