2021 Everest Group IDP Peak Matrix Report

Hyperscience has been recognized in Everest’s IDP PEAK Matrix® report for the 3rd consecutive year—this year being ranked as a Star Performer. Learn more about how Hyperscience is impacting the Intelligent Document Processing vendor landscape with your complimentary copy of the report! 

What Everest Group had to say:

“Hyperscience is a Star Performer and Major Contender on Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for IDP software products in 2021 as a result of its rapid growth in the IDP market and ramped up capabilities. Its IDP solution leverages proprietary OCR and machine learning algorithms to digitize and process documents. In addition to its business-user friendly user interface and its ability to process handwritten text, Hyperscience’s strong vision and progress made on its roadmap have contributed positively to its success,” said Anil Vijayan, Vice President, Everest Group.

This assessment has been licensed for exclusive use and distribution by Hyperscience

Everest Group recognizes Hyperscience for:

  • Our vision to provide AI-enabled document processing software focused on assisting enterprise employees in data extraction from a variety of different handwritten and machine printed document types

  • Customer support, clarity of communications, user interface, extraction accuracy, and overall product roadmap and enhancements—including our team’s promptness in listening to customer feedback and incorporating changes

  • Experiencing strong YoY growth in terms of revenue and clients in 2020, driven by BFSI, government, and the public sector in the North American market

  • Providing an automated training platform for our ML model, which runs in the background of our platform, along with out-of-the-box analytics and reporting capabilities to measure and optimize machine efficiency and human workforce performance 

  • Pre-built models to interpret intent and process documents with printed and handwritten text (including cursive text)—including models for document types such as invoices, paystubs, and checks

  • Built-in capabilities our platform has to match enterprise and regulatory standards for security and compliance, including auto-redacting sensitive information when new layouts are being created based on populated documents, data encryption, and role-based access controls

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