5 Qs to Ask When Evaluating an IDP Solution

With more enterprises turning to Intelligent Document Processing [IDP] for their back-office data extraction needs, how can companies know what questions to ask when evaluating an IDP solution? And, with the increase in automation vendors and product offerings how can firms begin narrowing down options to what they need? 


Digital Transformation and change management can prove a challenging task for even the most forward-thinking organizations. Transforming legacy technology and historic workflows is not only expensive but can also seem daunting for leadership and employees alike. However, making the switch to IDP brings greater efficiency to organizations in the long run that may turn into happier customers and increased revenue flow. 


With the continued increase in adoption of automated document processing solutions for back-offices, solutions that promise automation and accuracy don’t always stack up after implementation. To help mitigate the risks of implementing automation and increase efficiencies, it’s critical that organizations ask the right questions during the evaluation period. 


This infographic outlines 5 questions to ask when evaluating an IDP solution to help firms engage in meaningful conversations with potential vendors. 

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5 questions to ask when evaluating an IDP solution at your firm


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