How to Choose the Right Enterprise Automation Solution

A buyer’s guide to finding a tool for intelligent document processing and more.

key learnings


Establish a framework to understand enterprise automation software or intelligent document processing technology.


Use a bank of questions to ask vendors around their ability to automate document processing.


Select the right enterprise automation vendor that will not only tackle your immediate intelligent document processing needs, but also has a product roadmap that aligns with your future business objectives.

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In this buyer’s guide, learn how to leverage different criteria to assess the right enterprise automation software or intelligent document processing solution for your business. This guide will cover how to find a flexible automation solution that’s easy to deploy and use, integrates with your existing infrastructure, invests in your success, and improves your overall customer experience. 


You’ll also learn how advances in AI and ML technology have created automation software that’s exponentially more powerful, enabling a level of flexibility that’s integral to achieving successful  intelligent document processing today. Gartner has already predicted that by 2024, the drive towards operational agility will lead organizations to adopt at least three out of the 20 process-agonistic types of software that enable hyperautomation.


Read this buyer’s guide to select the best automation vendor for your intelligent document processing needs today and prepare your organization to be a leader in your field tomorrow.