Business Process Automation: A Glossary of Terms

Business Process Automation 


The technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service speed, unlock scale, and lower costs and risks.


Leading Global 2000 companies and government agencies are implementing business process automation solutions to streamline their operations.


When it comes to business process automation, the terms can be confusing and interchangeable depending on what vendor you are speaking with. With acronyms to describe each nuance of business process automation, it can be hard to realize which solution is right for your company’s needs. Plus, with the influx of new solutions and categories entering the market, the list keeps expanding.


To help streamline the evolving business process automation dictionary, we’ve created a glossary with our expert team to help you navigate the vocabulary to figure out which terms matter most on your automation journey.  And, we walk you through how we think about and interact with each term in our own automation solutions. Now, you can discover what key industry terms like Machine Learning [ML] mean at Hyperscience and how we apply them.


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