As VP of Marketing at Hyperscience, Nelly is focused on delivering an exceptional brand experience and accelerated business growth while driving the creation of a brand new product category. Together with her team of inventive marketers, she oversees Hyperscience’s global brand strategy, product marketing, demand and performance marketing, marketing operations, events and channel marketing.

Prior to joining Hyperscience, Nelly spent 20 years leading high-tech marketing for global B2B and B2C brands offering SaaS and enterprise-grade solutions to a variety of industries, segments and buyers. She held marketing and business development leadership roles at Kustomer, Radware, RRD, NICE, American Express and Comverse.

Nelly holds an MBA from the University of Manchester (UK) and a BA in Business Administration from Ben-Gurion University (Israel). She is mother to the ever-active Jonathan and is a passionate product creator who enjoys developing natural skincare products in her (not so) spare time.

My favorite Hyperscience value is 'Incremental is not enough.' I believe in bigger than life, bold ideas. There are too many brands out there that exist for the sake of doing business and making money. What I love about Hyperscience is that originality, imaginative thinking and an audacious state of mind are ingrained into the company's DNA.