The most advanced Intelligent Document Processing software powered by Machine Learning

Documents and data of all types are the backbone in which businesses operate and run. We call it STEP ZERO. The most mission-critical step in your operation.

Cut manual work

Automate up to 95% of document processing, reducing repetitive, low-value tasks and the associated overhead costs.

Minimize mistakes

Extract handwritten, cursive and printed text with higher accuracy than ever before, mitigating the risks associated with poor data.

Process more, faster

Increase throughput by up to 5x, resulting in faster response times, better customer service and increased revenue.

Better. Faster.

Hyperscience's document processing software helps businesses extract valuable data insights better than ever before.

By leveraging our powerful Machine Learning solution, your organization can quickly and accurately index and extract information from any document in order to feed structured data into your downstream systems. Reduce your dependency on costly, manual processes, improve customer service, and drive new business with Hyperscience.

  • Pre-processing & classification
  • Extraction
  • Customizable accuracy
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Flexible plug & play
  • User-friendly user experience
  • Security

Pre-processing & classification

Process documents with messy handwriting, poor image quality, skews and more.

Unlike solutions that require explicit pre-processing pipelines to attempt corrections for adverse document conditions, Hyperscience has built its models to be robust to these everyday, real world conditions. Whatever the condition of your structured, semi-structured, or unstructured documents, Hyperscience can classify them.

Enterprises choose us for their classification needs because of the following capabilities:

Custom taxonomy support: With Hyperscience you are in full control of your document classification taxonomy allowing for full flexibility in defining your workflows.

Improving coverage over time: Other solutions require expensive development and configurations to achieve an acceptable classification error rate. Our models can identify opportunities for increasing classification coverage — no development needed.



the Hyperscience Intelligent Document Processing solution has superior extraction for handwriting and other imperfections.
To accurately extract data, our document processing software uses a suite of proprietary Machine Learning algorithms designed for data extraction in enterprise use cases. This allows us to offer you up to 99.5% accuracy with very little human intervention. 

Some of the core features that allow us to provide these industry-leading outcomes are:
Proprietary neural networks: We’ve built and trained our own neural networks with proprietary datasets of real world documents in order to equip our technology with the ability to accurately extract both printed and handwritten text.

Smart extraction: The solution can read the content in a field without extracting the field name or description and without human intervention, allowing for easy template setup and the ability to find potential layouts.

Reading outside the box: Core extraction capabilities ensure we capture everything you need to extract from a document, even if the text or handwriting is outside the field box. For example, the solution expands the cropped image if it sees a Social Security Number but can only find 8 digits.

Multi-lingual: Extract data across English, Spanish, German or French documents.

Customizable accuracy

Hyperscience allows you to set your target level of accuracy. Customizable accuracy that meets your SLAs.
In real-world enterprise scenarios, accuracy makes all the difference. In Hyperscience, you set your target accuracy SLA and the machine employs human intervention to self-calibrate and ensure compliance to those SLAs while improving automation rates.

To do this, the application features:

Supervision: Our built-in human-in-the-loop module allows for seamless handoffs for manual task completion when the model detects it may not reach your accuracy SLA on its own.

Improved automation over time: The solution consistently trains a separate neural network based on what it processes.  This allows it to get better at knowing when our models are correct and when the solution requires human intervention.

Reporting & analytics

Visibility into performance of both machine and manual data extraction are critical to building trust and optimizing a document processing workflow. Out of the box, Hyperscience reports on automation and accuracy levels, throughput and usage information along with detailed operational metrics to enable management of document processing workflows.

Flexible plug & play

Integrate the Hyperscience IDP solution into your environment.
Connectors: A wide array of input and export connectors and our REST API allow you to integrate our solution with your upstream and downstream solutions.

Plug-in API: No document processing solution exists in a vacuum. While we offer a number of input and export connectors, you can also use our API to quickly integrate the application into your system and let it read files from multiple locations. This helps us minimize any work done by your software engineers or other resources.

User-friendly user experience

Intelligent Document Processing that can be used with little to no training. Low-code Intelligent Document Processing.
Our platform was designed to be used by business users with no coding experience required. While other solutions require weeks of development time to set up, Hyperscience can be set up within an afternoon by anyone within your organization.


Data Protection: Our solution supports TLS encryption for inbound and outbound connections.  It is compatible with a variety of commercial file storage and databases, and can be configured to apply TLS encryption to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Data Privacy: As our document processing software is deployed on-prem, you maintain full control of your data. This also allows you to apply your own security controls at the network, infrastructure and storage layers.

User Authentication: We support a variety of authentication options out of the box to allow flexible customization and integration, including username/password combination, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and OpenID Connect (OIDC).

User Authorization: We provide flexible management of permission sets that allow customers to adopt role-based access control.  This helps ensure only authorized users are able to perform actions oriented to their role and job responsibilities.