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Financial Advisor Group Streamlines Case Management


As part of its automation CoE, the company chose to invest heavily in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). While RPA helped streamline some rules-based tasks for the company, it lacked the ability to read unstructured document data (like the kind contained in PDFs and images), which proved to be a roadblock in unlocking greater automation initiatives.

One example of this roadblock was in case management. Within the financial advisor group, when an agent was managing a case, they manually read, processed, and transcribed any documents related to that case. This was a bottleneck for the group, translating into roughly 15 minutes to process an individual case.

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The financial advisor group was able to reduce case processing times by 60% resulting in an improved customer experience.

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Why Hyperscience

Hyperscience was able to handle diverse document types, including handwritten text with a high level of accuracy and automation out-of-the-box.

The Hyperscience Platform was also able to meet their security needs with a solution that was deployed within their infrastructure without the need for internet connectivity.

In addition, it allowed them to have full control over their data, remaining behind their firewall at all times.

Beyond RPA: Transforming Legacy Automation with Intelligent Solutions

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Results Delivered

Today, the company has turned to a combination of RPA and the Hyperscience Platform to automate document-driven processes. Hyperscience now reduces the time it takes agents to type case documents by 60%, giving them more time to focus on other activities that contribute to providing the best customer experience.