Financial Advisor Group Leads in Automation

$8.5 billion investment
management company

Leveraging Hyperscience
for streamlined case management

60% reduction
in document processing time

Client Profile

Offering products and services in retirement, investment, and employee benefits, this financial services organization has taken a customer-centric approach to financial services, with a strong focus on continuous process improvement. In fact, the company has spearheaded the creation of an automation Center of Excellence (COE) assisting different parts of the organization, including its financial advisor group, a line of business ridden with document-based processes. Specifically, given its nationwide network of clients served by over 1,700 financial advisors, the financial advisor group deals with a tremendous amount of paper in order to service clients. That alone made the business unit an ideal candidate for automating document processing with Hyperscience.


As part of its automation Center of Excellence, the company chose to invest heavily in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – technology used to automate repeatable tasks otherwise performed by humans, such as uploading files to a back office system or reconciling account information. But while RPA does streamline some small tasks for the company, it lacks the ability to read unstructured document data (like the kind contained in PDFs, images, and more), which proved to be a roadblock in unlocking greater automation initiatives in financial advising.

One example of this roadblock was in case management. Within the financial advisor group, when an agent was managing a case, they manually read, processed, and transcribed any documents related to that case. This was a bottleneck for the group, translating into roughly 15 minutes to process an individual case. Five of those minutes involved typing, which were five minutes case agents could have allocated to value-add activities that contributed to a better client experience.

Choosing Hyperscience

In order to automate core components of the case management process, the company needed an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that could handle the diversity of case documents that came their way. For the financial advisor group, that meant finding a solution that could read handwriting, and the team was immediately impressed by the Hyperscience solution’s high level of accuracy and automation out-of-the-box

Hyperscience is the magic behind the curtain here.

In addition, and most importantly, the team needed a solution that met their security needs given the sensitivity of the information case documents featured. Hyperscience offered the financial services company a solution that is deployed within their infrastructure, no internet connectivity expected. Since it remains behind their firewall at all times, Hyperscience allows them to have full control over their data.

The Results

Today, the company has turned to a combination of Robotic Process Automation and the Hyperscience IDP application to automate document-driven processes. Within the financial advisor group in particular, Hyperscience was adopted to reduce the time it took agents to type case documents by 60%, giving agents 46 more hours a week to focus on other activities that contributed to providing the best customer experience.