for mission-critical


Hyperscience supports automation for your critical business processes so we have built our support to match. Our support teams are experienced technology and product experts that can help you with deployment, product and configuration questions, as well as any issues, should they arise. We understand your deployment and use cases in depth and have advanced product engineering teams ready to assist when needed.

Critical issues are treated with utmost urgency and care

When it comes to critical issues, our goal is to identify a resolution to the incident as quickly as possible. That could include fixing the underlying infrastructure, creating a workaround or providing guidance on how to avoid the issue in the future.

Safeguarding your data is paramount

Data security and compliance with your unique requirements is crucial to our support strategy. We are particularly sensitive about maintaining a reliable, transparent, and robust approach to support.

Diagnostic systems are implemented wherever possible

Our Health API and robust logging provides you with key support transparency, giving you visibility into connectivity issues, error handling and general troubleshooting. Many customers take advantage of our products’ logging capabilities using a log monitoring platform for near real-time insight into native Hyperscience processes.