Team & Culture



The people of Hyperscience believe in the power of automation to transform the way in which businesses operate and run. In our ideal workplace, data, tasks and processes are managed by software – we call it Software-Defined Management – so that people are freed to focus on higher-level initiatives.


We fill our team with exceptional talent – intelligent, kind people – and give them the tools and room to innovate and grow. We believe in big ideas and big changes, and we welcome anyone who demonstrates ambition, empathy and a willingness to learn.

Living Our Values Everyday

Hyperscience values are the guidelines by which we operate, behave, and make decisions. We are fortunate to have people from all over the world on our team who believe in these values and strive to live them every day.

Equality for all.

Human dignity is sacred to us. We seek unity and rise above the politics of the day. We respect differences, but we do not make a point of singling them out.

There is no way out but through.

Rather than avoiding problems, we steer into them, taking challenges head on.

Incremental is not enough.

We can speed success by taking big, bold, and sometimes controversial leaps. A chasm can’t be crossed in two steps.

Ambition pairs best with humility.

We are ambitious and think beyond goals, while constantly seeking opportunities to learn. Humility and open-mindedness are our competitive advantages.

Imaginative ideas from everyone.

There is no single center of our company – imagination is key to what we do.

Tradeoffs create our identity.

Not everything is a tradeoff. Some things are. We are conscious of the tradeoffs we make as we take big leaps forward.

Work-life symbiosis.

We strive and work towards creating a relationship between the professional and personal aspects of our lives that will benefit both. We take care of the company and the company takes care of us.

Do a good job.

A job consistently well done can lead to the most amazing things. Mountains can be moved one pebble at a time.

What It’s Like to Work at Hyperscience

A culture
of continuous

Culture is not run by one person or team, it is shared by every member of the company.


Our Culture Committee, which includes employees from all departments, keeps a pulse on what’s happening inside Hyperscience and provides leadership with key insights and cultural trends. Our Culture Committee coordinates everything from lunchtime workouts and weekly mindful meditation sessions to biweekly birthday and Hyperversary wine & cheese celebrations to Game Nights and monthly “how to” sessions for employees to showcase their hidden talents.

Learning &

Continuous learning & professional development are incredibly important. One of the ways we support our employees in their quest for knowledge is by offering a $1,500 Learning & Development yearly allowance, which has gone towards everything from attending leading research and academic conferences to time management & prioritization training to 1:1 career advisory coaching.



We move fast. We challenge the world around us and each other. From our offices in New York City, Sofia, Bulgaria and London, UK to our remote team across the globe, follow along at #LifeatHyperscience.