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What Makes Us a HFS Hot Vendor

May 7 2020

3 min read

Keeping up with the latest in enterprise technology is hard, especially when it’s not a core part of your job. But doing so can give you the advantage you need to run smoother operations. That is why analyst group HFS puts together their quarterly Hot Vendors report, where they look at emerging start-ups and players disrupting their markets. We’re proud to be featured as a Q1 2020 Hot Vendor, one of only 4 companies highlighted! 

With a particular focus on their Digital OneOffice™ Framework, the HFS Hot Vendors report acknowledges technology vendors providing different and unique offerings that are helping enterprises solve problems – presenting intelligent, inspiring, useful solutions – across the digital operations space. Hyperscience, in particular, is considered a Hot Vendor for using machine learning to disrupt the document processing market with scale. 

“Hyperscience is taking on the challenge of shredding through mountains of paper with faster turnarounds, more accuracy, and a fraction of the cost involved.”

How Hyperscience stands out

For many enterprises, digitizing manual processes and workflows has led to a reliance upon  legacy tools like OCR. Hyperscience has built and trained its own neural networks, resulting in a robust machine learning solution that automatically indexes, classifies, sorts and extracts data from the documents involved across diverse business processes.

The current Hyperscience customer base consists of enterprises within financial services, insurance, government and healthcare. Typically, these organizations deal with massive volumes of paper that come through their mailrooms annually and often require lots of manual time and attention from employees to turn into useful information or insights. When evaluating Hyperscience, HFS spoke to several clients, firsthand, to learn what sets Hyperscience apart:  

“Talking about the accuracy of the handwriting extraction, one of its clients joked, ‘When we demoed it to my team, they couldn’t believe it…they thought we had someone in the background typing.’” 

Clients emphasized their satisfaction with the platform’s ability to extract data at a level of accuracy that’s unbeatable compared to traditional technologies. With more accuracy and speed of automation, these customers experience less human involvement than ever before.

Customers also highlighted the ease-of-use and customer experience, noting that “deployment time to value is as short as advertised—days instead of weeks and months—and…requires very few sample files at the get-go.”

In their final evaluation, HFS shares that Hyperscience is indeed, “filling a critical business need today: having to deal with paper as the primary means of exchanging data and communicating for numerous business processes.” While there remain areas for improvement in the digitalization journey, HFS recognized that Hyperscience is helping organizations address some of the fundamental challenges in their document processes.. For our part, we’re proud of the value we’re providing, and we’re just getting started. 

Want the full scoop? Download a complimentary copy of the Hot Vendor report focusing on Hyperscience.

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