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Striving Towards Equality for All with Our Benefits

By: Hyperscience
Published: September 18, 2020

When Peter Brodsky, our CEO & co-founder, and Manya Ellenberg, our VP of People, set out to establish our core company values, they were adamant about articulating values that would be lived daily and used to guide our larger decision-making. One of our most cherished company values is “Equality for All,” which states that human dignity is sacred and that, as a company, we must seek unity and respect differences. 

When it comes to backing this value with action, we’ve taken strides to put policies & benefits in place that meaningfully level the playing field for employees.

Introducing Elder Care 

“At Hyperscience, we have a unique opportunity to change the way the world does business, including being at the forefront of diversity and ensuring equal opportunities are available for everyone.” 

Erin Millender, Head of Legal at Hyperscience

The creation of our newest elder care reimbursement benefit was a collaborative effort that started when Joel Springer, our Recruiting Ops Manager, reached out to Erin Millender, our Head of Legal, about research he was doing around diversity & inclusion. He was interested in opening a dialogue, which to Erin, was a refreshing approach. 

“To me, when we’re talking about what ‘Equality for All’ means, it’s being willing to proactively look for, and recognize, inequality. Because equality for all doesn’t mean anything unless you are targeting and trying to solve inequality.”

Erin Millender

While interviewing at Hyperscience, Erin saw our childcare benefit and thought it would be monumental to have something similar for her dad. As the caretaker for her father, who poured all his resources into supporting her through college and law school, Erin has experienced firsthand that the challenges of caring for an aging parent are similar to those of taking care of children. “It is a society-wide American problem that there is not great elder care, and retirees are facing the expensive costs of care with few safety nets,” said Erin. “While our elder care dependent reimbursement can help many U.S. employees, given what we know statistically and structurally around minorities being disproportionately affected, it made sense to discuss this benefit under diversity and inclusion.” 

The elder care reimbursement and partnership with Wellthy@Work were established to help decrease the strain and burden our employees may face when coordinating care for elderly parents or other dependents. This just-launched benefit includes:

  • Elder care reimbursement up to a maximum amount of $36,000 annually per eligible dependent [not to exceed $72,000 per year] for U.S. employees*
  • Wellthy@Work caregiving concierge service that supports employees and their families by removing the logistic & administrative burden of coordinating care. Care Coordinators – think of a personal healthcare project manager – help with finding medical providers, scheduling appointments, identifying the right in-home aid, handling a move into a living facility and much more. This applies to all eligible dependents, such as family members with special needs. 

“As a woman of color in the legal profession,” Erin added, “I’ve had my own struggles finding environments that were welcoming and supportive of me. Seeing this benefit come to life in my first 6 months shows the leadership team’s commitment to making a meaningful difference. At Hyperscience, our values of ‘Imaginative Ideas from Everyone’ and ‘Equality for All’ are more than words on paper.”

Policies & Benefits that Support Equality for All 

At Hyperscience, it is crucial that our values are more than a marketing exercise or language put on our website — or, as Erin put it, “for our initiatives to be meaningful we need to target the actual inequalities that exist.” 

Another inequality is the cost of childcare and education in the U.S., which is why we offer a childcare & education stipend of up to $3,000 per month per child under the age of 21 [not to exceed $6,000 per month total]. This helps level the playing field for our employees and supports our belief that all children, regardless of their parent’s income, should have access to the same level of education.

Additional benefits that support equality for all include:

  • 6 months paid parental leave [or double salary to pay for a partner’s unpaid leave] to give employees the time they need with their families. 
  • 100% paid healthcare for employees and their dependents to ensure our team and their families can stay healthy. 
  • 100% company match of employee 401k contributions up to 6% of their salary in an effort to further remove the largest financial risks that come with working for a start-up.
  • Leveling framework to provide each employee with equal pay and growth opportunities and to help ensure everyone is fairly compensated for the work they are doing and the time they are investing into the company. 

To learn more about our company values, visit our Team & Culture page. Interested in joining a values-driven company? We’re hiring!

*Benefits vary by region; this is for our U.S. employees only. Learn more about our Sofia and London benefits.