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Hyperscience Product Principles

By: Hyperscience
Published: July 10, 2019

Our product reflects who we are. It represents our understanding of our customers; the way we think about and solve problems; our beliefs on how an enterprise solution should look and feel.

As we collectively define the vision of our product over time, we must also remain aligned on how to approach problems and work together. At Hyperscience, the product team went on an off-site, where we discussed our missions and strategies for the upcoming year. We formulated into words the tenets that have allowed us to deliver results thus far, as well as those we want to further lean into as we improve our product.

Here are our product team principles we proudly stand by:

1. Bias towards action

To be successful, we must make decisions quickly and experiment often to create solutions that provide immediate value to our customers. We need to communicate our definitive opinions both logically and respectfully to the team so that when a decision is made, we can collectively trust ourselves and the research that led to that decision. With this iterative process, we ensure early feedback from users and gather concrete data on which we can further build.

2. Be problem solvers, not replicators

Our mission is to uncover the underlying problems that cause our customers pain. We do not implement features simply because they exist in competitor product suites or because they’re prescribed by our users. Instead, we provide creative solutions without limiting our approach to what we know is already out there.

3. Be honest internally and externally

Give honest feedback and take ownership of your work when feedback is given to you. Communicate early and often — we can’t work together if internal feedback is muddled or customers are uninformed. View our customers as partners with whom we can grow, mutually giving each other perspective on problems and sharing creative ideas.

4. Quality matters

When we ship a new version of our product, it’s our duty to ensure that it’s polished with concrete improvements to both functionality and user experience. We prioritize quality and stability first because we understand that not all of our users update their applications frequently. No matter how often we iterate, we must be proud of everything we ship.

5. Think big

Our customers believe in us because we innovate around the user. We have the opportunity to redefine the way they think about the work they do and how they do it; we can’t spark that change by taking small steps. We believe that big, imaginative ideas will propel us forward into building an incredible product.

6. Abstract complexity

Our product may be technically complex, but to our users it should feel remarkably simple. When we do our jobs well, our customers can leverage the power of Machine Learning without having to understand how it works. We think extremely hard about how to best use our product so that our users don’t have to struggle themselves.