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How Core Values Are Guiding Hyperscience

By: Hyperscience
Published: February 3, 2020

Our CEO, Peter Brodsky, and VP of People, Manya Ellenberg, recently talked to Built In NYC about how our company values keep us united on what matters as we grow. Check out a snippet of the article below and click here to learn how even we’re growing fast, we’re holding on to what matters.

To protect the team and their own ideals, Brodsky and Ellenberg put pen to paper. As it turns out, writing new values from scratch was no simple undertaking, but tracing the lengthy process does shed some light on how those values are lived daily.

“We took a bottom-up, top-down approach in our values creation, which I think speaks to our culture here at Hyperscience,” Ellenberg said. “We bulleted out some ideas based on conversations that we had across the organization about the culture that we want to continue to nurture and also the areas that need more attention and care.”

After surveys and feedback, and many rewrites, Ellenberg and Brodsky went back to the drawing board. “Eventually, we did what came naturally and just thought about the values that we thought were important to have in terms of steering the company,” Brodsky said.

Our Core Values

  • Do a good job.
  • There is no way out but through.
  • Incremental is not enough.
  • Ambition pairs best with humility.
  • Imaginative ideas from everyone.
  • Tradeoffs create our identity.
  • Work-life symbiosis.
  • Equality for all.

Finally, after four versions and the better part of a year, Hyperscience had a strong set of values that leadership felt confident in. More than just marketing copy for a website, these new guiding principles have influenced how the team works on a daily basis.

Among those values is “tradeoffs create our identity,” which encourages employees to think carefully about the decisions they make and cling to the ones that are truly worth fighting for.

“Tradeoffs are an inevitable consequence of options,” Ellenberg said. “Whether it’s a hiring-related practice or determining what is prioritized on our product roadmap, we try to make the best decisions by seeking out imaginative ideas from everyone. We’re conscious of the tradeoffs we make, so that when a decision is made, it’s the right one for the company, and we move forward united.”

These values, or “mantras” as Brodsky calls them, provide the team with quick guidance in the form of easy-to-recall lines.

Click here to read the full article on Built In NYC.