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Our Best Practices on WFH

By: Hyperscience
Published: April 13, 2020

For part of the Hyperscience team, working remotely is a way of life. With our 3 offices (New York City, Sofia and London) entirely remote for the time being, and new at home set-ups and routines being established, we reached out to our team members who have been working remotely for most – or all – of their careers for tips and strategies for ensuring productivity.

Key takeaways? Make a schedule, get moving, opt for video calls where possible, and remember to take breaks. Let us know what’s working for you @HyperscienceAI.

“Get up!  Move around!  Too many times I’ve sat down at 7, grabbed a bite at noon, then looked up to see my wife strolling in at 6 without standing up.  Don’t forget to exercise often! I set timers, put reminders in my calendar, and play games with myself such as ‘Finish one more layout and then I’ll treat myself by getting up.’ Make it a habit! Also pick up the phone or start up the video.  So much is lost in Slack – I find 1 minute, person-to-person conversations are better than a novel of replies.”

Todd Pratt, Solutions Engineer, North Carolina

“Mute Slack channels, or close Slack / email while focusing on a project or single task – try to avoid responding to every alert that pop-ups when you are heads down on something. Also block Calendar time for projects, self-learning or other time you want to have uninterrupted to work on a task or finish the task at-hand.”

Mike DeFazio, Solutions Engineer, Ohio

“Don’t neglect time for casually connecting with your fellow coworkers, just as you would take 30 minutes to grab coffee with someone if you were in the office. Be sure to schedule these on your calendar! Bonus points for connecting with those outside of your immediate team / department.”

Caitlin Schultz, Solutions Engineer, Colorado

“Water. Sun. Movement. Get up, get some water, sun  and do some type of movement to get your body and mind turned on.  Create an office with a desk and a monitor, preferably with a door. If you don’t have an extra room, then create a corner of a room or studio and designate that space as your office. When you’re in your office, it’s work time, nothing else. Also, get the team on board. My wife knows my schedule and important meetings each day, so she can plan accordingly. 

Personal tip – I write 3 things I need to get done each  day on a sticky note and I make sure those are the tasks I focus on completing. When you cross things off your list early, it snowballs into further productivity.”

Alex Lyons, Enterprise Sales Director – Western US and Canada

“Keep a morning ritual of things to do before you start work. Avoid diving into work first thing when you wake up. If you can, dedicate a work computer and avoid anything that could be a distraction (e.g. social media sites, games, etc.)  Use a different machine (phone, iPad, etc) when you’re away from your work desk and checking in on things personally. 

Pay attention in your meetings! It’s just as obvious via Zoom if you’re not engaged as it is in person. Also, for everyone’s sake, when you’re not speaking, use the mute button!”

Dave Kleist, Solutions Engineer, Minnesota