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Building The New Frontier of Automation

The life of a start-up is about how many hurdles you can overcome and keep moving forward. Can you code the first version of a product? Can you get your first customer? Can you debug that first product issue? How many fire drills or existential crises can you handle at…

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Human-Machine Collaboration Can Positively Reshape the 21st Century

Almost 110 years ago, in 1913, Henry Ford’s innovation of the first moving assembly line started operating, allowing for the mass production of the Model T. Thanks to Fords’ initiative and ingenuity, the assembly line established one of the first sequenced relationships between people and technology, capable of reducing overall…

Industry Insights

A Conversation with Toronto Mayor John Tory

Charlie Newark-French, our COO, took a few minutes to speak with Mayor Tory to discuss the beauty of Toronto, the need to modernize critical government services, and what he’s most looking forward to.

Industry Insights

The Future of Insurance

Our Chief Operating Officer, Charlie Newark-French, sat down with Business Reporter UK to discuss automation's impact on the insurance industry.

World of Work

The Age of Automation

And Why Inevitable is Good I joined Hyperscience one year ago. At the time, I had met with some fifty companies looking for a compelling opportunity; none could match Hyperscience when it came to product innovation, strength and passion of the team, or breadth and importance of its long-term vision.