& Accuracy

In your world, accuracy makes all the difference.

But what happens to accuracy when you automate?

You’ve heard it from legacy solution vendors before, “Our solution will fully automate your business process.” And while legacy tech vendors may have delivered on some automation, they don’t do the job quite right. Your response? Throw people at the problem to correct what the technology couldn’t do and have people redo the work.

But if humans have to redo the work, was it truly automating in the first place?
“Hyperscience doesn't optimize data capture - they transform it. While our individual data entry keyers are achieving ~90% accuracy, when you look at the performance in aggregate it goes all the way down to 70%. Multiple, different errors result in a compounding effect on overall accuracy, which is why this problem is urgent to fix.”
- Fortune 500 Bank, UK

Enterprises should not have to choose between accuracy and automation.


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Vendor 1
Vendor 2
Vendor 3
Vendor 4
Vendor 5

With legacy technology, reaching high levels of both accuracy and automation is near impossible. Hyperscience is the only solution delivering on its promise out-of-the-box.

“We tried this form in both Captiva and Hyperscience. With Captiva, it produced 10-15% accuracy, with Hyperscience it was over 90% accurate.”
- ImageAccess

Out-of-the-box accuracy
and automation is possible.

At Hyperscience, we believe that if people have to redo the work done by software, it isn’t automated. Technology that promises automation must be able to meet your expectations for accuracy from the start. No exceptions.

That is why our solution
has built-in automation and accuracy.

Set your target level of accuracy


99 percent? No problem. Set the level of accuracy you need to see in order to meet your accuracy SLA.

Experience 75% + automation out-of-the-box


Expect over 75% automation on Day 1. That is because we built and trained our own neural networks with our proprietary data set on how to process your real-world documents.

Put Hyperscience to work


The more you use Hyperscience, the smarter and more confident it gets. Our built-in Quality Assurance drives the Machine Learning improvements that make us best-in-class.

See 90%+ automation at your target accuracy level


Soon you will see automation levels over 90% while never straying from your initial accuracy SLA. It is automation done right!

The Hyperscience Advantage



For orchestrating and allocating work using Machine Learning

Best-in-class extraction

For high levels of accuracy when processing your documents

Built-in quality assurance

To know and improve on performance

Friendly UI

To make it easy when people must be involved

Pick your business process. See it automated.

Hyperscience can be used in multiple use cases across Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare, Government, and more. See it in action!